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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) with Glass Box Visibility


Managed Detection and Response (MDR) with Glass Box℠ Visibility

Gain insight into how your MDR solution actually works – and use it to improve cybersecurity outcomes

Automation is key to overcoming the challenges that today’s cybersecurity professionals face. Security vendors need to deploy sophisticated detection algorithms to identify, analyze, and mitigate cybersecurity threats in real-time. 

Some of these algorithms work incredibly well. Others don’t. None of them can guarantee 100% protection against all known and unknown threats.

Whenever an organization’s MDR solution fails to detect and mitigate a cyber threat, important questions come up: 

  • How did attackers breach endpoint security and get into my network? 
  • Why didn’t our MDR detect suspicious behavior? 
  • How can we improve our security posture to prevent future incidents? 

If MDR vendors treat their service like a secretive mystery box, their customers may simply not get answers to those questions. As a result, nobody will know how to improve security and prevent future incidents from occurring. 

But if MDR vendors treat their solution like a glass box, their customers will have reams of actionable data at their disposal. They’ll be able to conduct comprehensive audits to discover what went wrong and why. Ultimately, they’ll be stronger, more resilient, and better prepared. 


Don’t Let MDR Vendors Keep the Lid On Their Mystery Box℠ 

It’s normal for cybersecurity vendors to avoid divulging every aspect of their security framework. After all, they don’t want cyber criminals to engineer workarounds that bypass their security systems.  

However, keeping customers in the dark about their own security vulnerabilities is a mistake. Customers need a transparent, communicative security partner on their side. 

Sometimes, vendors don’t want to lift the lid of their box because they don’t truly know what’s in it. They’ve invested a great deal of time and energy into building a homegrown security information event management (SIEM) solution. If their analysis achieves 80%, 90%, or even 95% accuracy, that’s good enough. 

But cybersecurity is a discipline that requires 100% accuracy. That objective simply isn’t achievable with a mystery box at the center of your MDR strategy. You need clear, actionable data to reliably mitigate cybersecurity risks. 

You Should Always Have Access to Your Data 

When an MDR vendor builds their own homegrown SIEM and isolates it from their customers, they end up isolating valuable customer data in the process. You wouldn’t let any other kind of vendor build walls between you and your data – and you shouldn’t let MDR vendors do it either. 

When you give your data to a mystery box MDR vendor, you lose the ability to cancel the service. Your data and technology will go where the vendor goes, which means you’re locked into your MDR vendor contract no matter what. 

That’s the problem with mystery box MDR. You can’t audit your vendor’s work, you can’t justify cybersecurity spending according to key performance indicators, and you can’t switch vendors if you’re unsatisfied. 

All of this changes when you switch to the Glass Box℠ MDR


Deploy MDR Solutions with a Glass Box℠ Partner 

The Glass Box℠ lives on the other side of the visibility spectrum. This is a radically transparent solution – It tells customers exactly what sort of behaviors it looks for, how it interprets data, and what informs the decisions it makes.  

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Castra’s Glass Box℠ MDR approach shows you everything that goes into your organization’s detection and response platform:

  • Audit Data. Gain comprehensive access to security event data, behavioral profiles, and the actions taken by the MDR security team on your behalf. Measure your performance against industry benchmarks and find out how secure your organization truly is. 
  • Event Logs. Dive deep into individual security events and discover how many false positives your security system generates. Find out when employees are bending the rules or neglecting security policies.
  • Analytical Insights. Use your data to measure organization-wide performance, justify security spending to stakeholders, and establish a robust risk profile. Use analytics to prepare for future security risks and proactively secure user data.

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Best-in-Class MDR Performance, No Vendor Lock-in

With Castra as your Glass Box℠ MDR partner, your data remains yours. You can disconnect from any third-party service you’re unsatisfied with, and improve your security policies to meet demanding requirements on your own terms. 

Castra understands there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all SIEM technology. We’ll help you find the solution that fits your needs. We’ll help you obtain the license, implement the technology, and improve outcomes with actionable data. If you’re not satisfied, we make sure all your data and technology goes with you when you cancel – guaranteed. 

Trust Castra's MDR to secure your organization and gain true visibility into the security operations your users, customers, and stakeholders depend on. 

Make Castra your Glass Box℠ MDR partner and start developing a truly transparent, data-driven security approach, today! Let's talk more about your security posture. Contact us!